African Kahawa Blend

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Discover the extraordinary with Brace Coffee Company’s African Kahawa Blend, a masterpiece of complexity and depth that invites you on a captivating journey through the rich coffee landscapes of Africa. This medium-dark roast is the embodiment of the continent’s vibrant coffee heritage, offering a symphony of flavors that will enthrall your senses.

African Kahawa Blend is a true revelation for coffee enthusiasts seeking an extraordinary taste experience. From the very first sip, you’ll be greeted by the bright, full flavor of African-grown coffees, each sip unveiling a medley of delightful notes. Toffee and caramel dance harmoniously with subtle hints of chocolate, while the richness of raisins, green apples, red fruits, cherries, and black currant take center stage. This blend is an ode to the remarkable diversity of flavors that can be found in African coffee.

What sets this blend apart is the meticulous care that goes into its production. Coffee cherries are lovingly hand-picked by local farmers, and the beans are then processed by hand at the farmers’ homes. This hands-on approach not only ensures the utmost quality but also fosters a sense of tradition and craftsmanship that’s at the heart of every cup. With stringent quality standards and a commitment to environmental sustainability, our farmers adhere to strict guidelines throughout the entire coffee production process.

The coffee cherries undergo a gentle washing process and are left out to bask in the African sun, allowing them to develop their unique flavors. This careful approach is followed by the crucial step of hand sorting the beans to ensure only the finest ones make it to your cup. The result is a blend that exemplifies the essence of artisanal craftsmanship and the dedication of the farmers to their craft.

African Kahawa Blend boasts a soft floral finish that lingers on your palate, leaving a delicate and satisfying impression. Whether you enjoy it in the tranquility of your morning routine or as a special treat throughout the day, Brace Coffee Company’s African Kahawa Blend is a celebration of Africa’s coffee heritage, a testament to the love and care poured into its creation.

Embark on a flavor-packed journey through Africa’s finest coffee regions with our African Kahawa Blend. Order yours today and experience the wonders of this medium-dark roast that encapsulates the essence of African coffee culture, delivering a truly unforgettable coffee experience.

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